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Buffet Heckler- *obnoxiously* Look by all these girls! Look on all these attractive ladies! Where’re your Hillbilly Boyfriends? Why aren’t those Hillbilly Boyfriends of yours attractive flashmob polska you to breakfast? I can’t suppose it…all these cute girls and no Hillbilly Boyfriends…
Me- *excitedly* Whoa! Awesome! *changing to serious* Alright, I”m gonna need a celebrity to get me some burning hose and a shoe filament. I”m gonna distribute this baby. I did not carry that baby

Jason- Did you increasingly reflect possibly he”s into that sort of thing? He drives around similar to an ass eager that someone gets annoyed an adequate amount of to poop on top of him. Could subsist, in attendance are all sorts of people in this world.

Me- *returning from the ladies room* Alright, guys, the lady in the subsequently stall wasn”t moving or else making any din meant for a extensive instance. And I was enchanting my time fiddling with my hair in the mirror. And you recognize how you can peer lying on citizens by looking from side to side the crack? Well she had her jacket jammed hooked on the crack consequently I couldn”t observe. And it all seemed extremely bizarre. Like she was dead.

Famous Mike- There”s always a few no-talent ass comedian asking me how a lot of time did I have to obtain the Super Hero quiz previous to I broken up and about as the Green Lantern, and I”m like, “first time, ass clown”.